Kuya Sessions: Akasha

Kuya Sessions: Akasha
Akasha is the third offering of the Kuya Sessions. Cura led us on a shamanic journey of body-centered awareness. Our journey continued in Samadhi, unifying individual and universal consciousness.
We are now prepared to enter the exquisitely ethereal realm of Akasha. The gentle welcoming melody in “Path of Illumination” relaxes us in preparation for our journey. Vocalist Meagan Chandler sings four of the ninety-nine names of Allah as Poranguí sings four names of god in different African traditions.
This invocation, joining male and female and diverse cultural traditions, serves as a prayer for protection as we gradually remove the veil and dissolve into the cosmic memory of divine consciousness. We are becoming formless, egoless, as we float in the liminal space between life and death. The cosmos slows down. Vulnerable and open to the benevolent pulse of the universe, we are drawn into the inner sanctum of the akashic womb.


In “Eternal Horizons” a soothing female voice, accompanied by cello and piano, sings a sailor’s folk song, guiding us deeper into the sea of love and loss, encouraging us to surrender more, to shed that which no longer serves. We know that we must let go in order to move on, that we must metaphorically die in order to be reborn, the eternal return. As we sail towards the event horizon and pass the point of no return, we are greeted by a gentle male voice that embraces us in compassion as it slowly delivers us to a brand new world, where we are bathed in peace, love, and understanding.

It is time to come home to the “Heart of the Mother,” where we can integrate our cosmic journey in the warm arms of our beloved Pachamama. From our experience of ethereal awareness, we have come to truly know in the deepest depths of souls that everything is being held as is meant to be, that we are safe and whole, that we are protected by the supreme love of energetic forces that lie beyond the beyond. We see that our own capacity for love, as fragile as our earthly bodies and yet as infinite as the akashic realm of which it is a part, makes an essential contribution to the unfolding divine plan.

Embedded within the sonic signature of the world’s oldest musical lineages and enhanced with field recordings and samples from across the globe, Kuya Sessions: Akasha is best experienced in its Journey Mix format, where the boundaries between the three movements are as ephemeral as the voyage itself. In preparation for embarking on this ritualistic path, one is invited to create an environment for inner-exploration with the help of a quiet and dark room, headphones, an eye mask, and an intention of healing and discovery.

Akasha draws upon a grounding array of ancient instruments, field recordings, Celtic runes, and therapeutic musical stylings while showcasing Poranguí and Liquid Bloom’s magical, multi-dimensional sound. Distilled from the intention of providing listeners a path toward healing and a safe space from which to embark on that odyssey, Kuya Sessions: Akasha will continue to reveal itself with each subsequent visit for all who desire its therapeutic guidance.

The Kuya Sessions were created by Poranguí and Liquid Bloom for Kuya, in support of paradigm-shifting medicine and therapeutics to help people transform their lives into lives they love. Akasha offers seekers a soundtrack for their journeys toward rebalancing, and is now lovingly shared with listeners everywhere on behalf of Kuya and the artists.


Produced, Composed, Engineered, & Mixed by Amani Friend & Poranguí
Guest Artists:
Meagan Chandler (Female Vocals)
Andrew Tumason (Piano)
Michael Kott (Cello, Tracks 2 and 4)
Mastering: Gregor Zemljic
Artwork: El Tripador
Liner Notes: Edhi Shanken

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