Inner Sanctum (Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer)

Immerse Yourself in Tranquility: Discover Liquid Bloom & Poranguí’s “Inner Sanctum (Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer)”
Embark on a healing sound journey with Liquid Bloom and Poranguí’s latest masterpiece, “Inner Sanctum (Medicine Buddha Mantra Prayer),” part of their acclaimed Kuya Series dedicated to unique soundscapes for healing and psychedelic therapy.
Originally part of the “Kuya Sessions Samadhi” album, this 9-minute gem beautifully focuses on the Medicine Buddha Mantra sung by Poranguí, and reworked by Amani Friend (Liquid Bloom) to create a transformative sonic experience.
The Medicine Buddha Mantra, deeply rooted in Tibetan Buddhist culture, becomes a spiritual odyssey, resonating as a timeless expression of interconnectedness between sound, healing and Spirit.
Featuring David Satori of Beats Antique and Dirtwire, the new version of this track introduces mystical bowed banjo sounds, infusing it with an ethereal melodic atmosphere reminiscent of traditional East Indian instruments.
The layers within “Inner Sanctum” showcase Liquid Bloom and Poranguí’s commitment to weaving organic elements into their journey music, inviting listeners on a meditative  more


“May the many sentient beings who are suffering be freed of all pain including disease, death, and karma. May this suffering never arise again.”

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