Breathing in Serenity (Meditation)

Embark on a transcendental voyage with the debut release from Keepers of the Fire and Liquid Bloom.

Dive into relaxation as Vir McCoy gently guides you through a calming meditation, drawing inspiration from the profound teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

Let the soothing ambient sounds and the rhythmic flow of his words transport you to a realm of inner peace. “Breathing in Serenity” is a harmonious collaboration, showcasing the brilliance of the collective Keepers of the Fire, weaving a tapestry of sounds that reflects the diverse influences within the group.

This brotherhood, forged during the challenging times of the pandemic, serves as the heartbeat behind this meditative journey, providing a sonic sanctuary for those seeking solace and connection.

This track marks the commencement of a profound musical odyssey from Keepers of the Fire. In addition to Liquid Bloom & Vir McCoy, Keepers of the Fire features PoranguĂ­, David Satori, Joss Jaffe, Biko Casini, Shaman’s Dream, Bloomurian, Evan Fraser.

The collective’s dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring the intersection of music and consciousness is poised to make an enduring impact on the world.


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