Fragrance Regenerated

‘Fragrance Regenerated’ offers eight distinct remixes of the mesmerizing track produced by Liquid Bloom and Bloomurian. Joining forces on this release are producers Akriza, Cyma, Geometrae, Numatik, Nyrus, SWAYLÓ, Tylepathy, and Wolf Tech, wrapping the traditional vocals and sounds into downtempo bass, organic house, psy dub, and deep ambient soundscapes.


This collaborative release is a diverse journey uniting the shamanic cultures from both sides of the planet, South America and Siberia. Proceeds from this song will be donated to the non profit ‘Futuro Nativo’ to assist with their building projects in the Shipibo village of San Fransisco, Peru. With ancestral vocals from both Inin Rao Shipibo and Siberian vocalist Snow Raven, ‘Fragrance’ transports listeners to the depths of the natural world. In addition, Yube from the Huni Kuin tribe offers his spoken word, adding to the unique sonic tapestry. The atmospheres and world vocals transport the listener to other realms, evoking the power of ancient traditions. ‘Fragrance’ is an immersive experience and invites the listener on a journey of inner self-discovery.’




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