Fire Gathering (DISS​Ø​LV Remix) feat. Poranguí

Diving into uncharted musical realms, DISSØLV presents their modern remix of the timeless track “Fire Gathering” by Liquid Bloom.

With the mesmerizing medicine vocals of Poranguí and the poetic spoken word of Darpan, DISSØLV seamlessly blends ancient and contemporary elements, captivating listeners with a fresh sonic experience. As a live electronic dance music project, DISSØLV defies expectations by fusing instrumentation, performance, and innovative composition.

Their boundary-breaking approach dissolves limitations, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music. Through meticulous craftsmanship, DISSØLV’s remix of “Fire Gathering” becomes a transformative journey, evoking the energy of regeneration. With each beat and melody, they transcend genres and invite listeners to explore new sonic dimensions.


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