AFAR Tylepathy Remixes – Liquid Bloom & PERE

>> Afar Tylepathy Remixes


The second remix collection inspired by Liquid Bloom and PERE’s co-authored album, ‘Afar,’ transports us to the entrancing inner worlds of ambient music producer Tylepathy. A soulful reimagining of the original album’s naturalistic tones and progressive electronica energy, ‘Afar (Tylepathy Remixes)’ dissolves the boundaries between moments to offer its listeners a seamless respite from the heated landscapes of the outer world.


Where once the fire of the dance floor burned steadily through ‘Afar’s’ electro-acoustic currents, this journey to the interior cools the flames into a voyage through deconstructed sounds, primordial influences, and deeply restful beats. Pairing the instrumental, vocal, and binaural elements of PERE and Liquid Bloom’s original compositions with new layers of sound design and space-enhancing effects, Tylepathy conjures a balance of lightness and nocturnal energy while activating focus and beckoning the spirit of exploration.


Channeling the meditative essence locked within ‘Afar,’ Tylepathy’s reimagining paints an open world that combines the gentle rhythms of ambient organica with the guiding motion of soft drums weaving in and out of the greater musical expanse. A flowing tapestry of sound that will evolve with each listen, ‘Afar (Tylepathy Remixes)’ is an essential addition to the greater landscape of tribal electronica and a must-have tool for those who wish to deepen their explorations into the intimate recesses of their personal realities.



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