AFAR Remixed – Liquid Bloom & PERE

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17 Genre Bending Remixes by: Kaya Project, Jakare, Geometrae, Astropilot, Tribone, Erothyme, Mandala Affect, Dr. Parnassus, Sigil, Basher Toe, Nanosphere, Arcturus, Eurythmy, mxxnwatchers & Weir, Zen Baboon, & Beatfarmer.


Calling upon a vast network of musicians from across the evolving frontiers of visionary music, Liquid Bloom and PERE have gathered the sounds of the global electronica scene into one momentous collection with ‘Afar Remixed.’ Consisting of seventeen genre-twisting tracks built from the duo’s trance-inducing musical blueprints, this imaginative remix album dives further into Liquid Bloom and PERE’s shared identity while exploring the cutting-edge world of psychedelic sound design.


Where 2021’s ‘Afar‘ hits its main stride in the realms of organic house, the 2022 remixes delve into a surrealistic mixture of progressive and broken beats within an omni-tempo framework, placing deep basslines and energetic grooves in brilliant opposition to the source material’s acoustic and vocal melodies. With reimagined tracks delving into lighter, darker, and more nebulous atmospheres, each author’s signature is made evident in the collection’s energetically diverse and emotionally magnetic structure, creating an experience for listeners that bares all of the hallmarks of a journey through the musical looking glass.


As excursions into musical realms beyond boundaries become increasingly demanding, it is collections such as this one that reveal the persisting power of collaboration and the resilience of the creative spirit. While some elements of these songs may feel familiar — especially when compared to the source material — there remains an undeniable sense of discovery within each composition that will beckon listeners back into Liquid Bloom and PERE’s unified vision as well as into the expanded worlds of their remixers time and time again.


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