Tye Grace

April 16, 2017

I have suffered from serious major depression for 5 years now. I’ve been hospitalised numerous times, had almost every medication under the sun, and even Electro Convulsive Therapy. But nothing was working to help me discover the root cause. That was until one day, in the depths of my darkest hours, I lay down and put on The Face Of Love. I closed my eyes and went on a journey through myself that verged on the ineffable. The perfectly crafted journey allowed me to gently reach deeper into myself, to recognise and acknowledge the traumas and insecurities that were causing my extreme mental distress, and to then gently let them go. It allowed me to be thankful for the knowledge imparted on me by such difficult times, and unlocked in me a passion to want to help others experiencing mental illness. Through this one experience of listening to The Face Of Love, I have gone from being dangerously suicidal with no hope for the future, to re-engaging with my true self again and finding my purpose. I’m now studying to be a Disability worker, with the eventual goal of becoming a Mental Health Nurse. I know now that through my own lived experience, I can help others to pull themselves back from the edge. So in saving my life, the effect will now flow out into the lives of those that I work with in the future. This is Blooming at it’s best!

Experiencing a Liquid Bloom live show recently in Australia just solidified that I am now following my true path. True visionary music, designed to unlock one’s true potential. Forever in debt to ‪Amani Friend ‬for the gift of his existence.

— Tye Grace


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