Manuel – Kuya

January 29, 2023

I just want to share with you my DEEPEST gratitude for your 4 KUYA SESSIONS. I am a therapist here in Vienna and doing underground work with substances. I used your sessions already multiple times in my own journeys and with other people. Yesterday I had an own journey again – traveling through all of the 4 KUYA Sessions. It’s just amazing how your music guideds me once again to places I have never been before. PLEASE PLEASE keep on releasing those kind of sessions. They are SO valuable for the work. In my experience – leading people especially to those early stages of life that need healing and that they can not remember in the brain but are only accessible through body memory that is triggered by your music. I have such appreciation and gratitude for your work. PLEASE KEEP IT UP! With lots of LOVE and SO MUCH GRATITUDE,

— Manuel


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