April 19, 2024

the Kuya Sessions series is beyond incredible. This intentional music really took me deep into my nervous system and ancestral lines. Each of them so unique, they each bring up such different experiences. What Akasha stirred within me was the tension and fear I was holding in my nervous system around my sense of safety in the world, connected to my throat and root. These symphony of sounds offered a safe space for my nervous system to shake and tremor it out and ground deeper into my body. Especially when the male vocals were present. It was deeply healing for me to hear such warmth, and felt so held by his voice which allowed me to go deeper into that experience of letting go and surrender. Felt with the depths of my heart, and the rivers down my cheek, I could feel his love through his voice touching the areas I needed to heal and nurture. A blessing to feel so deeply. In moments, I was being shown visions of my ancestors, countless of them, but all the women. They were all standing in two rows facing me, holding their arms out as if they were all wanting to embrace me as I fly through the center. I felt their love and guidance in inviting me to relate deeper with them, and to soften into my relationship with the world. It was quite vivid, and feeling their essence felt very eerie yet beautiful, very peculiar yet profound. It was inarticulate, indefinable and ineffable, but to say the least it was very mystical to meet my lineage in spirit, and to have them there awaiting my presence to greet me.  I have since felt my connection with them undeniably stronger, and have dove deeper into my Celtic bloodline and what it all means to me in my heart. Thank you for bringing us deeper within ourselves, deeper within our stories for the sake of healing and letting go, and for bringing us deeper into our relating with the world together as we journey beside one another. Throughout all these journeys you have blessed us with, the underlying message I continue to receive is the remembrance of how truly deeply liberated I am, how free my soul is, and how beautiful it is to be alive. This is delicious medicine you are providing to the world, thank you both for sharing these with us. I am still currently feeling the ripples from the shifts I had during this journey even months later, and am just overall so very stoked that these exist in the world. I wish you all the very best, and for life’s bliss and light to shine fully in your life.

– Kashi

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