April 28, 2017

Back in 2009 during my USA tour, musician friend of mine Alex Theory (signed with the label White Swan Records), gifted me with the CD “Shaman’s eye” by Liquid Bloom (signed with the same label), I wasn’t aware about this act at the time but I was looking forward to listen to this album. Then something quite magic happened: a friend in San Francisco just finished to build an amazing, brand new, beautiful sauna and asked me if I wanted to be the first to try it out, I accepted and I walked in with the soundtrack from that album…., It was the perfect way to listen to it. I kept my eyes closed for the all duration of the album in order to experience the sonic ealing effect in its totality, I was completely isolated from the external world, while my body was purifying its toxins I had a full body and mind experience…. I was flying as I was under the effect of psycho-active substances, but I wasn’t at all! I became an instant fan of Liquid Bloom, then subsequently I met Amani at one of my gigs -without knowing that was him the man behind that beautiful music concept- and became very close friends since 😉 That sauna experience for me was something that I will always remember! Thanx Liquid Bloom. One Love

— Gaudi


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