The Face of Love

The Face of Love is a visionary journey through the energy centers of the body, combining an enchanting musical palette with poetic healing guidance and body postures for each track’s corresponding chakra. Each phase of this cycle is a mirror for our soul, unfolding unique, spontaneous, ever-changing visions and insights. On this project, Amani Friend collaborates with trance healer Darma Friend, producer Rara Avis, Native American flute maestro Robert Mirabal, cellist Michael Kott, and vocalist Sarah West; composing a multi-layered mosaic that includes overtone chanting, ethereal singing, shamanic invocations and natural atmospheres. Originally produced in 2008, this journey was later remixed into the Heart of Shamans in 2012 when Amani met Ixchel Prisma — utilizing the finely tuned arrangements of The Face of Love as the primary foundation for Ixchel’s ceremonial medicine songs.


Produced by Amani Friend & Rara Avis
Words & Vision by Darma Friend
Artwork by Amanda Sage (
Released on White Swan Records


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