Ripples through Time

Embark on a celestial journey with “Ripples Through Time,” the latest ambient soundscape produced by Amani Friend, the visionary force behind Liquid Bloom, in collaboration with ambient co-producer Tylepathy. This ethereal composition features the enchanting vocals and instrumental expertise of Divasonic and Nizhoni, weaving a sonic tapestry that beckons listeners into a realm of profound tranquility. From the gentle cascade of water sounds to the carefully crafted synths and reverb effects, every element is meticulously arranged, creating a harmonious soundscape that serves as a portal to a meditative sanctuary.


Divasonic’s celestial vocals gracefully guide the listener through the contemplative journey, complemented by her enchanting flute and piano. Nizhoni’s cello introduces a grounding and emotive depth to the composition, creating a cosmic dance where each instrument contributes to the overall harmony. The collaborative effort between Liquid Bloom and Tylepathy is evident in the seamless integration of dripping synths, resembling the heartbeat of the universe, and in the meticulous production that ensures every note contributes to the transformative experience.


Beyond a mere musical composition, “Ripples Through Time” is a vessel for healing and self-discovery. The ambient soundscape provides a tranquil space for introspection, encouraging meditation and contemplation. Liquid Bloom, Tylepathy, Divasonic, and Nizhoni have created more than a song; they’ve birthed a sonic sanctuary where the mind finds solace and the soul is rejuvenated. This collaboration transcends the boundaries of traditional ambient music, offering a transformative journey into the realms of inner peace and tranquility.


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