ReGen: Ambient Meditations

Standing upon the shorelines of the inner world, where deep awareness gently laps against the soft sands of the mind, you are invited to step into the tranquilizing waters of Liquid Bloom’s ‘ReGen Ambient Meditations.’ A guided journey through the ebbing and flowing expanse of personal consciousness, these spoken meditations from Amani Friend’s global vanguard of sonic mystics and vocalists explore the ephemeral boundaries between mindfulness and the oceanic currents of the meditative state. Transported through ten serene landscapes by the voices of Darpan, Deya Dova, Porangui, Ashley Klein, Darma Friend, Isabel Friend, Ixchel Prisma, Rara Avis, Azriel Ferro, Avatara, and Allisunshine, listeners become participants as soothing words and holographic sounds converge to coax the petals of consciousness open, exposing us to the infinite space within.

Project Manifestation : Amani Friend
Mixed & Mastered by Ben Temple Step (Motiv Music)
Words by Soundscrybe
Cover by Abzzolum



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