Interbeing EP

A realm of wild darkness and tranquilizing light, Liquid Bloom and TRIBONE’s ‘Interbeing’ explores the inextricably-bound forces of the musical universe through six mystifying tracks drawn from the lands of worldly downtempo, tribal bass, and driving psychedelic electronica.

Inspired by the fast-paced soundscapes of the global dance floor, the original ‘Interbeing’ mix unleashes a barrage of mid-tempo beats overlaid with primal energy and supported by a haunting psychedelic undercurrent that resounds through each track in the EP collection. Without slowing down, Liquid Bloom and TRIBONE bring additional space to Interbeing’s dark atmospheres with their hypnotic and tactile “Tribal Tech Mix,” while producer-duo Jakare provides a tantalizing tribal house remix flavored with additions of charango and pan flute.

Maintaining the psychedelic edge of the original composition, British psybass producer Sigil draws listeners into a twisted breakbeat journey that plunges deeper into the original’s shadowy tones. Taking a more luminous path, Kaya Project guides his rendition toward uplifting territory with his signature world-fusion style, introducing stirring organic beats, seraphic vocal samples, and a soothing blend of synths and instrumentation to draw out Interbeing’s brighter elements.

Tying up the collection with what has become a regular feature in Liquid Bloom releases, Tylepathy offers up a deeply atmospheric ambient mix that binds Interbeing’s dualistic sonic themes for a poignant conclusion as the collection recedes back into the silence.


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