Forest Guardians Remixed

The “Forest Guardians” remixes offer a captivating blend of electronic and organic sounds, showcasing seasoned producers like Nyrus, CALAGNA, Tylepathy, and emerging talents like bodé, modality, and OZemljen. This compilation breathes new life into Liquid Bloom and Bloomurian’s original track, with Onanya’s vocals and instrumentation infusing each remix with authenticity and depth.


The indigenous vocals of Yube from the Huni Kuin tribe add cultural richness, evoking a deep connection to nature. The ambient remixes by bodé, Tylepathy, and OZemljen create ethereal atmospheres, while the bass and downtempo remixes by Nyrus and Modality bring pulsating energy and hypnotic grooves. CALAGNA’s organic house remixes combine deep house and world music for a soulful, uplifting experience.


Throughout the compilation, echoes of the original track serve as a reminder of the sacred journey “Forest Guardians” represents. Each remix offers a unique interpretation, showcasing the versatility of the original material. This remix compilation is a testament to the transformative power of collaborative art, offering something for every listener. Embark on this lush journey of medicine music reimagined and let the forest guardians guide you through a world of sonic wonder.


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