Desert Dwellers – Breath Portal to Stillness

Desert Dwellers – Breath: Portal to Stillness – Remixed by Various Artists


Meditation Music, Psychedelic Therapy Music, Medicine Music
Peeling away the borders and structure of Desert Dwellers’ distinguished musical style to reveal the undercurrents that lie beneath, ‘Breath: Portal to Stillness‘ is the fourth remix collection to be borne from the acclaimed duo’s 2019 album, ‘Breath.’ A sense-blurring compilation of ambient melodies derived from the source material’s ten original compositions, these new journeys invite listeners through the veil of music into a realm of boundless perception. Devoid of percussion and the distinguishable elements of ‘Breath’s’ electronic production, each track paints a vibrant picture of the stillness between beats and offers a respite where thoughts and emotion can either flourish or rest, untouched from the world outside.


A celebration of the life-giving essence of spacious ambient music, ‘Breath: Portal to Stillness‘ hearkens back to an era of sound that blurs the line between organic and digital production techniques while unlocking new doors in a rising era of journey-centric music and immersive psychedelic therapy soundtracks. Offering countless layers of exploration with each encounter, ‘Breath: Portal to Stillness‘ will reward listeners for years to come, thus ensuring its place in the legacy of one of electronic music’s most timeless and influential genres.


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