Anima Mundi EP

An entrancing journey to the faraway lands of world fusion,‘Anima Mundi’ connects the mystical and material into a multi-genre narrative rooted in the mercurial sounds of global music. Blending exotic instrumental melodies and soothing atmospherics with the richly diverse colors of slow house, deep tech, and seductive tribal fusion, Liquid Bloom and Spice Traders’ hypnotic collection invites listeners to explore the unifying themes of music as they dance across time, lineage, and culture. Presented as one original track featuring instrumental work from Taylor McDonald on hang drum, Arsen Petrosyan on duduk, and Alvin Young on fretless bass, and bolstered by four remixes from Kaya Project, Drumspyder, Moonfrog & Mxxwatchers, and Twin Shape, the ‘Anima Mundi’ collection showcases the binding power of music as a vital force bridging realms both near and beyond.


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