New Album: “Samadhi” Liquid Bloom & Poranguí

April 22, 2022

In Hindu and Buddhist belief systems, Samadhi is the ultimate stage of the eight-fold path to enlightenment, the apex of spiritual and intellectual growth where individual and universal consciousness unite.


‘Kuya Sessions: Samadhi’ lives up to its lofty title. It is the culmination of its creators’ decades-long journeys as spiritual seekers and sound healers whose music medicine unites individual and universal consciousness.


Liquid Bloom & Porangui lead us on a lush musical journey, an exquisite sonic meditation whose beauty draws us to increasingly elevated states of consciousness.


‘Samadhi’ is the second offering of the four-part Kuya Sessions. Like the first offering, “Cura,” “Samadhi” provides an aural container for the cutting-edge frontiers of psychedelic-assisted therapy.


With or without the psychedelic medicine, these sonic meditations (medicine and meditation share the same etymology) invite listeners to cross the threshold into the realm of shadow and light, uniting the principles of indigenous wisdom, plant medicine rituals, and holistic psychology.


From our hearts to yours, we hope you enjoy this offering.

(Word by Eddie Shanken)



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