Cielo Aya (ft Gracia Maria) by Savej & Liquid Bloom

December 14, 2021

>>> Cielo Aya <<<

Liquid Bloom, Savej, Gracia Maria, TAS Visuals and Gravitas Recordings have teamed up to honor and celebrate the indigenous cultures of the Amazon with the release of Cielo Aya. Proceeds from this release will be going to both Futuro Nativo and Alianza Arkana. Futuro Nativo supports sustainable economic growth in indigenous Amazonian communities and Alianza Arkana is a grass-roots alliance protecting the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its people and traditions.


Cielo Aya is an Icaro, which is a medicine song passed down through generations of curanderos (Ayahuasca shamans), or taught directly to these shamans from the plants themselves during dietas or periods of isolation with Ayahuasca. Savej’s first time hearing this particular icaro was during ayahuasca ceremony. When Savej came across Gracia (vocalist on track) singing it, he connected with Gracia to get her blessing to use this magical icaro in a track. Savej sent her his field recorder, and she recorded herself singing it during a ceremony. Connecting with Liquid Bloom, they combined their sounds and polished it to pay homage to Ayahuasca and the ancestral culture.

“Ayahuasca of the Sky,
Force of the Vine,
Sacred roots,
Bright leaves, visionary leaves,
As an artist – you’re painting these healing visions, clearing and purifying all afflictions, all doubts, any traumas.Ayahuasca of the Sky,
profound healing Icaro,
pull and release all fears,
heal my body,
heal my soulStrong force of the vine,
nectar of Life,
Clear and precise,
shine and shine,
shine so bright – taking away all my illnesses & afflictions”

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