New Album “Cura” – Liquid Bloom & Poranguí

October 22, 2021

>>> Kuya Sessions: Cura <<<


The age of sonic medicine continues to unfold in the shape of Liquid Bloom and Poranguí’s landmark curative music collection, ‘Kuya Sessions: Cura.’ Created as an aural container for the cutting-edge frontiers of psychedelic-assisted therapy, this extrasensory journey invites listeners to cross the threshold into the realm of shadow and light, uniting the principles of indigenous wisdom, plant medicine, and holistic psychology with the world-bridging potential of cinematic sound design.


Designed for Kuya, a state-of-the-art health clinic in Austin, TX that is incorporating paradigm-shifting therapeutics, integrative psychiatry, and regenerative medicine into a visionary approach to trauma processing and healing, ‘Cura’ offers seekers a soundtrack for their journeys toward rebalancing, and is now lovingly shared with listeners everywhere on behalf of Kuya and producers Amani Friend and Poranguí.


Embedded with the sonic signature of the world’s oldest musical lineages and enhanced with field recordings and samples from across the globe, ‘Kuya Sessions: Cura’ is best experienced in its “Journey Mix” format, where the boundaries between movements are as ephemeral as the voyage itself. In preparation for embarking on this ritualistic path, one is invited to create an environment for inner-exploration with the help of a quiet and dark room, headphones, an eye mask, and an intention of healing and discovery.


The first installment in this four-part release series, ‘Cura’ draws upon a grounding array of instruments, vocalizations, and therapeutic musical stylings while showcasing Poranguí and Amani Friend’s tenacity for surreal, multi-dimensional sound. Distilled from the intention of providing listeners a path toward healing and a safe space from which to embark on that odyssey, ‘Kuya Sessions: Cura’ will continue to reveal itself with each subsequent visit for all who desire its therapeutic guidance.


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