New Liquid Bloom collab with Shaman’s Dream & Poranguí.

April 30, 2021

Invoking the spirits of Carabali, and reviving a divine dance of the Ireme, “Abakwa” (Future Roots Mix) is the latest consociation between producers Shaman’s Dream, Liquid Bloom & Poranguí. A multi-hued expedition back in time, the kaleidoscopic track explores ancient traditional rhythms and medicinal chants, revolutionized by modern production technologies into an entirely new work of salubrious sound art. Travel to secret spiritual societies in Cuba, toast a Guaguanco -the Matanzas-style rumba – across the high seas and arrive in Nigeria, to dance the Sobuninkum in celebratory masquerades on the banks of the Cross River.


The relationship between these inspired collaborators stretches long miles and many moons. Liquid Bloom’s contributions arrive by way of the ever-prolific Amani Friend (Desert Dwellers), who has worked with Shaman’s Dream in various artistic and community capacities for nearly two decades. São Paulo, Brazil’s Poranguí, beloved in ecstatic dance and medicinal music circles around the world, naturally flowed into the bosom of this musical partnership.


Born from an organic instrumental project Sahuna Love (Shaman’s Dream) first recorded years ago, “Abakwa” (Future Roots Mix) finds this production trifecta breathing new life into potent, primordial sounds. The track traverses sonic geographies; from a steady driving slow-house pulse peppered with buoyant percussion, to a throbbing, 6/8 psychedelic bass pattern that navigates familiar topography. The entirety of the journey is punctuated by divine chants and reverent vocals. A collection of collaborations like this one, the complete Rise Up Remixed project drops May 14th.


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