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January 1, 2021

It’s been a busy few years since the last news post on here! Having so much time at home, I have been cranking out the new releases on desert trax and also various remixes for Porangui, Kaya Project, and Nessi Gomes. Here’s a recap of all the amazing projects since the last post:

Poranguî Remixes vol 1  (7/12/19)

The entire Desert Trax family has come together around the ambitious new remix project for Poranguí. Multi-instrumentalist, storyteller, and world-bridger Poranguí, whose personal background is as varied as his musical library has amassed a stunning collection of songs over the years, and Desert Dwellers’ extended family is helping bring his originals to more people through a double album of remixes as powerful as its source material. Desert Dwellers themselves open up the new collection, Poranguí Remixes Vol I , and give way to new downtempo house producer, Spice Trader. As part of his travels and musical adventures, Poranguí has been a part of the Liquid Bloom live band, and now the project brings to life a reimagining of “Oxum.” Other Desert Trax favorites getting in on the action include TRIBONE, Stratusphere, Drumspyder, and Shamans Dream & Geometrae. An unlikely combo is even forged between Mandala Affect and dela Moon, resulting in a gorgeous, almost liquid drum & bass but silkier take on “Stardust.”

Ayé Yewo EP  (11/20/19)

Stepping into the roots of African dance culture, “Ayé Yewo” is a sonic tale of union told through the lens of electro-instrumental fusion project Liquid Bloom. A marriage of heartfelt vocals and instrumentation by musical healer Poranguí with the spirited rhythms of tribal dance music, this luminous sound journey from multi-genre producer Amani Friend draws upon a legacy of acoustic and electronic sounds wrapped in the warmth and vitality of exotic deep house. Accented by production and instrumental contributions by Spice Trader, and paired with an ethereal remix by neo-western producer Tone Ranger, “Ayé Yewo” comes together as a celebration of happiness and the timeless binding power of movement and song.

Regreso al Agua EP  (2/21/20)

Drawing from the tranquil springs of tribal organica, electro-instrumental collaborators Liquid Bloom and Poranguí join forces once again in a sonic return to the source with the ecstatic dance floor voyage, “Regreso al Agua.” Sweeping listeners into a holographic world of deep bass undercurrents and shapeshifting melodies, the song is presented in three glimmering forms that flow through the realms of spirited deep house, exotic tribal bass, and atmospheric downtempo. With remixes by visionary bass artists Geometrae and Numatik, Liquid Bloom’s transformative style of genre-fusion takes shape as a rippling stream of electronic and acoustic sounds backed by waves of soothing vocals and instrumentation by Poranguí, beckoning us to step from the shores of consciousness back to the quiet waters from which all life has come.

Anima Mundi EP  (3/27/20)

An entrancing journey to the faraway lands of world fusion,‘Anima Mundi’ connects the mystical and material into a multi-genre narrative rooted in the mercurial sounds of global music. Blending exotic instrumental melodies and soothing atmospherics with the richly diverse colors of slow house, deep tech, and seductive tribal fusion, Liquid Bloom and Spice Traders’ hypnotic collection invites listeners to explore the unifying themes of music as they dance across time, lineage, and culture. Presented as one original track featuring instrumental work from Taylor McDonald on hang drum, Arsen Petrosyan on duduk, and Alvin Young on fretless bass, and bolstered by four remixes from Kaya Project, Drumspyder, Moonfrog & Mxxwatchers, and Twin Shape, the ‘Anima Mundi’ collection showcases the binding power of music as a vital force bridging realms both near and beyond.

ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes (5/1/20)

Drift into holographic realms of deep thought and relaxed sensation with Liquid Bloom’s ‘ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes.’ Conjured from the mind of musical visionary Amani Friend, this deeply meditative collection transmutes the uplifting tones of his ‘Re.Generations’ album into a soothing journey through delicate acoustic sceneries and textural sonic layers toward the inner frontiers of the mind. Harnessing the imaginative soundscapes of producers Temple Step Project, Hipnotic Earth, Tylepathy, Eternell, and Shanti & Wei-Chi, Liquid Bloom invites listeners into these calming atmospheric spaces to find a personal sanctuary forever free from the turbulence of life in a changing world. Additional instruments & vocals from Deya Dova, Porangui, Alex King-Harris, Ixchel, Michael Kott, + more

ReGen: Ambient Meditations  (5/22/20)

Standing upon the shorelines of the inner world, where deep awareness gently laps against the soft sands of the mind, you are invited to step into the tranquilizing waters of Liquid Bloom’s ‘ReGen Ambient Meditations.’ A guided journey through the ebbing and flowing expanse of personal consciousness, these spoken meditations from Amani Friend’s global vanguard of sonic mystics and vocalists explore the ephemeral boundaries between mindfulness and the oceanic currents of the meditative state. Transported through ten serene landscapes by the voices of Darpan, Deya Dova, Porangui, Ashley Klein, Darma Friend, Isabel Friend, Ixchel Prisma, Rara Avis, Azriel Ferro, Avatara, and Allisunshine, listeners become participants as soothing words and holographic sounds converge to coax the petals of consciousness open, exposing us to the infinite space within.

Corazón de Gaia EP  (6/19/20)

The global flavors of Liquid Bloom, Spice Traders, and Poranguí converge into a soul-stirring fusion of tribal house and organica with “Corazón de Gaia.” Inspired by the dance floors of the world and laced with a tantalizing selection of hand instruments and vocals set atop a rousing slow-house beat, this extravagant brew of acoustic and electronic elements offers a sensory journey through trance, mystery, and the heart of movement culture.

Taking “Corazón de Gaia” into a heavier and more progressive realm, Forever & Ever brings a fast, psychedelic edge to the ecstatic atmospheres of the original song with his punchy, deep tech remix, while on the bass side, Israeli producer Basher Toe blends exhilarating broken beats within a hypnotic tribal bass framework for a reimagining that will satisfy the most devout of sound system worshipers.

With three iterations intended for three different environments, “Corazón de Gaia” will conjure energy and focus in a full spectrum of audiophiles while adding another enthralling chapter to the ongoing tale of collaboration within Liquid Bloom’s pantheon of global music visionaries

Kaya Project Remixed: Body.Mind.Soul  (7/31/20)

Proudly presenting to you this brand new collection of Kaya Project Remixes Featuring Globular, Suduaya, Luke Mandala, Liquid Bloom & Spice Trader, Quanta, Nasha Experience, Innerise & Drifts in Autumn There is also a Continuous Mix-Set composed of all the tracks & a previously unreleased version of The Fearless Path (The ‘Intensity of Life’ edit)

Peyote Canyon EP (8/7/20)

Beyond the desert mesas and dust-stained prairies of the open range, hidden away from the dark clouds and echoing roars of expansion, the ancient cliffs of the interior resound with the beguiling melodies of ‘Peyote Canyon.’ Casting the mystery and romance of the western borderlands through a visionary lens, Liquid Bloom and Poranguí’s flowing deep house tale marries panoramic acoustics with steadfast electronic beats to paint a mesmeric and uplifting portrait of the electro-mystical frontier. Embellished with deep tech, psychedelic, downtempo, and ambient remixes from Uone, Wolf Tech, Ekorce, Ancestral Elephants, and Tylepathy, ‘Peyote Canyon’ offers listeners a vast and fully-realized journey into the sublime wilderness both outside and within.

Interbeing EP  (9/11/20)

A realm of wild darkness and tranquilizing light, Liquid Bloom and TRIBONE’s ‘Interbeing’ explores the inextricably-bound forces of the musical universe through six mystifying tracks drawn from the lands of worldly downtempo, tribal bass, and driving psychedelic electronica.

Inspired by the fast-paced soundscapes of the global dance floor, the original ‘Interbeing’ mix unleashes a barrage of mid-tempo beats overlaid with primal energy and supported by a haunting psychedelic undercurrent that resounds through each track in the EP collection. Without slowing down, Liquid Bloom and TRIBONE bring additional space to Interbeing’s dark atmospheres with their hypnotic and tactile “Tribal Tech Mix,” while producer-duo Jakare provides a tantalizing tribal house remix flavored with additions of charango and pan flute.

Maintaining the psychedelic edge of the original composition, British psybass producer Sigil draws listeners into a twisted breakbeat journey that plunges deeper into the original’s shadowy tones. Taking a more luminous path, Kaya Project guides his rendition toward uplifting territory with his signature world-fusion style, introducing stirring organic beats, seraphic vocal samples, and a soothing blend of synths and instrumentation to draw out Interbeing’s brighter elements.

Tying up the collection with what has become a regular feature in Liquid Bloom releases, Tylepathy offers up a deeply atmospheric ambient mix that binds Interbeing’s dualistic sonic themes for a poignant conclusion as the collection recedes back into the silence.

All Related – Liquid Bloom Remix  (10/9/20)

Though spending most of her life in the Channel Islands, the turning point in Nessi’s musical expression took place six years ago when she lived in Central America. She shifted from the more obvious themes of love, loss and broken hearts to ruthlessly exploring her inner geography and the delicate fears, insecurities, beauty and light that she found there. All Related is a song which represents this transformation. The song has been transformed in partnership with the shamanic beats of Liquid Bloom into a dance masterpiece of rhythmic groove

Kaya Project – SEED Remix  (10/30/20)

‘Seed’ is the brand new single from Kaya Project, featuring Six fresh remixes by Somatoast, Mindex, Tribone & Liquid Bloom, Pan Electric, Chaos By Design & Digitalis.

The Original is a playful, quirky & upllfting track featuring the Clarinet of Benjamin Samuels (Grouch in Dub), Violin by Kartik Raghunathan & Percussion by David Maurette (Perkelt). Two of the mixes also feature a very special vocal sample (from the Kan Beng track ‘Baninde’) as sung by Nadia Al Faghih Hasan. Backing Vocals, Flute & Guitar by Pooja Tiwari, Hayat Mohammed & Seb Taylor.

Tylepathy Remixes – One With Nature  (10/30/20)

A reflective journey through more than a decade of sound born from the spirit of Liquid Bloom, Porangui, and friends, ambient music producer Tylepathy opens the sonic portal to cosmic wanderers and inner explorers with his ethereal and soothing ‘One With Nature’ remix album. Suspended in the boundless space beyond beats, this eight-track collection showcases a holographic dimension contained within all Liquid Bloom productions and invites listeners to bathe in the relaxing medium of pure ambient sound. As we are whisked from one elemental landscape to another, we are reminded of the power of the mind to shape supportive spaces with even the most subtle of inspirations, making ‘One With Nature’ not only a potent tool for meditation and personal healing, but a testament to the vast and creative forces of human consciousness.


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