Poranguí – Ayahuasca Remixed

November 17, 2017

Desert Trax and Shamans Dream presents Ayahuasca Remixed from Brazilian-born artist Poranguí Carvalho McGrew, translated and remixed through the lenses of visionary producers like Liquid Bloom, AtYyA, Drumspyder, Kaminanda, Numatik, Yaima, and many others. These 11 tracks were born from a prayer to bridge worlds from the consciousness of the master plant medicine onto the dance floor. It came to life through the meeting and friendship with musician and producer Sahuna Love (Shaman’s Dream), and blossomed with the help of Amani Friend (Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom, & Desert Trax) . Each song weaves the medicine of the original, while beckoning listeners to explore and express their prayers or meditations through embodied movement. Allow yourself to be moved – para el bien de todos. 

01 Ancestors (Shamans Dream & Poranguí Remix)
02 Sueños de la Selva (AtYyA Remix)
03 Chakaruna (Drumspyder Remix)
04 Arcoiris (Momentology Remix)
05 Sachamama (Kaminanda Remix)
06 Ayahuasca (Liquid Bloom & Poranguí Remix)
07 Sachamama (SOOHAN Remix)
08 Arcoiris (Mose Remix)
09 Sachamama (Numatik Remix)
10 Sueños de la Selva (Yaima Remix)
11 Iluminar (Stratosphere Remix)

download here :: Bandcamp


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