Kuya Sessions – Samadhi Remixes

December 1, 2023

The eagerly anticipated remix album for ‘Kuya Sessions: Samadhi’ by Poranguí and Liquid Bloom has finally graced our ears, and it’s truly breathtaking. Originally conceived as a sonic meditation journey to elevate consciousness and foster healing, this remix album propels the original’s potent fusion of ancestral healing sounds and cinematic production onto the dancefloor with contributions from ten exceptional electronic music producers.


In Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, ‘Samadhi’ signifies the ultimate stage on the path to enlightenment, where individual and universal consciousness merge. In a time when deep embodied consciousness is more essential than ever, this album serves as a companion for introspective listening sessions and pulsating dancefloor moments. Whether you’re delving into the depths of your psyche or grooving to cutting-edge dance beats, this album provides the remedy.


This remix album not only showcases the combined brilliance of its ten producers but also reveres the enduring enchantment of Poranguí and Liquid Bloom’s ‘Kuya Sessions: Samadhi.’ Whether you’re a devoted fan of the original album or on the quest for potent, transformative dance music, this remix collection is an absolute must—a journey that will weave its way into your ears, heart, and soul, becoming a cherished part of your musical universe.


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