Kuya Sessions: Sol

September 22, 2023



Sol is the fourth offering of the Kuya Sessions. Cura led us on a shamanic journey of body-centered awareness. Our journey continued in Samadhi, unifying individual and universal consciousness. Akasha brought us to exquisitely ethereal realms and now Sol carefully weaves the terrestrial and celestial sounds of our ancient solar origin as children of the sun.


“Igniting the Sacred” beckons us to venture beyond the familiar world of illusion. In preparation for the great journey ahead, the soothing sound of vocalist Meagan Chandler and Poranguí ask the benevolent guardian Spirits to open the roads and grant us safe passage.


Gently purified in the celestial flames of truth, the imaginal cells of our awareness emerge from the primordial sound of “Liminal Sun” to reconnect with the original solar pulse of all creation. Ancestral Nahuatl invocations carry us across the timeless song lines to meet our heart’s most sacred essence.


As we emerge in “The Great Turning”, we are embraced by the rolling thunder of our majestic blue home amidst the vast cosmos. Through the dark side of the Sol, we return more whole, awakening to the blessings of the Waters with an original prayer song for the Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea, Iemanja, and a morning water prayer song from Native American elder, Chief Delbert “Blackfox” Pomani of the Hunkpapa Lakota.


Embedded within the sonic signature of the world’s oldest musical lineages and enhanced with field recordings and samples from across the globe, Kuya Sessions: Sol is best experienced in its Journey Mix format, where the boundaries between the three movements are as ephemeral as the voyage itself. In preparation for embarking on this ritualistic path, one is invited to create an environment for inner exploration with the help of a quiet and dark room, headphones, an eye mask, and an intention of healing and discovery.


Sol draws upon a grounding array of ancient instruments, field recordings, indigenous invocations, and therapeutic musical stylings while showcasing Poranguí and Liquid Bloom’s alchemical, multi-dimensional sound. Distilled from the intention of providing listeners a path toward healing and a safe space from which to embark on that odyssey, Kuya Sessions: Sol will continue to reveal itself with each subsequent visit for all who desire its therapeutic guidance.


The Kuya Sessions were created by Poranguí and Amani Friend (Liquid Bloom) in support of emerging paradigm-shifting medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapeutics to help people transform their lives into lives they love. Sol offers seekers a soundtrack for their journeys toward rebalancing and is now lovingly shared with listeners everywhere on behalf of the artists.


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