Stand With Us to Bless the Waters [Remixes]

Amani Friend joins forces with Summit Jaffe of Numatik music and many other musicians and remix producers from around the world. “Stand with us to Bless the Waters” is our prayer of solidarity for the Lakota Sioux Nation, & all the Water Protectors who have converged in North Dakota Standing Rock Reservation. This is the first time in centuries that all the indigenous nations of Turtle Island (America) have come together in unity & guardianship for our Earth.


This music release was imagined while soaking in the healing waters of Ojo Caliente Hot Springs in New Mexico, right after Amani & Summit both finished their unique Water prayer tracks. Since both these tracks were coincidentally written in the same key, producers from all over the world, like Earth Cry, Mystral, Soulacybin, Martin’s Garden, Ecometric, Gumi, and Twin Shape added their unique psychedelic downtempo flavors by mashing up the stems from both tracks and making them one in their new interpretations. The original version of Bless the Waters flows as an intentional journey that can be used daily to energize and re-structure water you consume, and to send out your daily gratitude to the liquid lifeblood that creates and sustains life on this planet.


All profits donated to indigenous rights and worldwide water organizations.


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