Darma Friend

In the evolution of thirty years’ experience as a spiritual teacher and a guide in the ancient art of Ecstatic Trance, Darma Friend envisioned the steady theta heartbeat of trance, entwined with pan-global percussive rhythms and chanting. Integrating this vision into a divinely crafted tapestry of sound, Amani Friend, with other gifted musicians, created the soundtracks for Shaman’s Eye and The Face of Love. These albums became iconic transports into timeless states of wellbeing and bliss.


Today, with deep gratitude, Darma uses these sacred, healing soundscapes to guide seekers into direct experiences of the Soul’s Truth. Together, the luminous currents of Trance and Sound interweave a spacious Field for self-discovery, awakening and the simple joy of being alive. Remember who you truly are . . .


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